Kayak Flow Class: July 23, Lodi, California

Date: July 23 (one class, Sunday morning)

Location: Lodi, California

Description: When paddling in areas where we might find moving water, be that from the current or flow from estuaries, we need to think more tactically (choice of angle) and accurately (use of speed) when maneuvering our kayaks. It might be that we want to cross the stream without loosing ground, or enter the stream to make progress downstream / exit the stream to find safe water, or even progress upstream to play on a wave / go round a corner. Your target will determine your boat angle against the strength of the flow, and your paddling speed will determine how quickly you get there.

In this FLOW class, we will explore both the technical and tactical principles of moving water, boat control, and safety. The goal of this class is to give you confidence in reading the water, develop judgement on how to make the current work for you, along with practice a number of active blade and body techniques to help you get the most of being in the flow.

Prerequisites: To participate you should own a well outfitted sea kayak, all appropriate personal safety gear for a trip down the river and have a solid foundation of basic boat handling.

Note: Places are limited to five participants.

Contact: For more information, course fees or to register, e-mail info@greenlandorbust.org.

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