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Tuilik Size

Question: During the class in Täby I tried your tuiliq, and I think it was the right size for me. Was it a Brooks Tuilik in medium size? If I buy one that fits my Tahe Greenland cockpit, I believe that it won’t fit my Valley Avocet?

Answer: My tuilik is a size Medium-Large (go big with tuiliks, they are supposed to feel roomy). If you got the ocean cockpit on your Tahe, then you’re right, it won’t fit the Valley Avocet as well. If you got the keyhole cockpit on your Tahe, it will fit both, but you will have to specify to Brooks that you need the keyhole cockpit size, since that is not standard.

Rolling Clinic: September 26, Big Lagoon

September 26
Location: Big Lagoon, California

On Saturday, Sept. 26 Helen will be teaching a rolling clinic. Although the focus of the class is on Greenland style rolling, anyone is welcome to attend. The class will take place at Big Lagoon and will consist of six students and last two to three hours. She’ll be teaching whatever people want to learn (first rolls, off-side rolls, layback rolls, forward finish rolls, norsaq rolls, hand rolls… whatever). Pre-registration is required. To register, contact Helen at

Greenland Rolls and Stupid Paddle Tricks

Combat Rolling: December 3: Crescent City, California

December 3
Location: Crescent City, California

This class is for those with a “pool” or “flat water” roll who want to try using it in a more dynamic setting. We’ll begin by looking at our rolls and cleaning up any inconsistencies. Then we’ll move these rolls into a gentle surf zone and become more comfortable rolling in both surf and with obstacles that are often present in a “combat” situation (such as sand or rocks). Full immersion gear and helmets are required. Pre-requisite: a flat water roll at least 75 percent of the time. To register, e-mail

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