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Rolling Clinics and Slideshow Presentation (Italy): January 9 and 10, Richmond, California

January 9 and 10
Location: Richmond, California

On January 9 and 10 Helen will be teaching 4 rolling clinics for California Canoe and Kayak. She will also be doing a slideshow presentation on kayaking the Aeolian Islands off the coast of Sicily, Italy. Although the focus of the classes is on Greenland style rolling, anyone is welcome to attend. She’ll be teaching whatever people want to learn (first rolls, off-side rolls, layback rolls, forward finish rolls, norsaq rolls, hand rolls… whatever). Pre-registration is required. To register, visit the California Canoe and Kayak website,

Tsunami Rangers Rock Garden Class and Helen Wilson Rolling Clinics – August 20 to 21

August 20 and 21
Location: MacKerricher Park, California

On Sunday, August 21, the Tsunami Rangers will offer their How To Paddle the Open Coast workshop at MacKerricher Park near Fort Bragg, California. This class is a one-day intensive on-water workshop for experienced kayakers who paddle sit-on-top kayaks, river kayaks or sea kayaks and wish to become more proficient in rough water scouting, rescues, surfing, rock garden adventure, storm sea kayaking and cave exploration. They focus on initiative, leadership and teamwork on the water. For more information, visit or e-mail

Rolling Clinics with Helen Wilson

Rolling – This is a multi-level class for those wanting to learn a
first roll, learn an other side roll or get a more consistent roll.
For those interested in Greenland style rolling; layback, forward
finish, norsaq and hand rolls can also be covered. The class lasts two
to three hours. Full immersion gear is required, including a hood. You may
also want to bring a nose clip and/or earplugs. Maximum number of
students: 6. For more information, or to register, e-mail Helen at

“Combat” Rolling – This class is for those with a “pool” or “flat
water” roll who want to try using it in a more dynamic setting. We’ll
begin by looking at our rolls and cleaning up any inconsistencies.
Then we’ll move these rolls into a gentle surf zone and become more
comfortable rolling in both surf and with obstacles that are often
present in a “combat” situation (such as sand or rocks). The class
lasts two to three hours. Full immersion gear and helmets are required.
Pre-requisite: a flat water roll at least 75 percent of the time.
Maximum number of students: 6. For more information or to register, e-mail Helen at

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