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Happy Holidays From Greenland or Bust – 2012

Happy New Year!

Instead of putting together our usual monthly newsletter, we’ve put together a fun little video of 2012.

Happy Paddling, and we’ll see you in 2013!

Helen and Mark

A sunny December day in the surf

Last Sunday Michael Morris and I made the trek up north to Crescent City to host a paddle for Humboldt County’s kayak club, Explore North Coast. Skies were blue, the sun was shining and the ocean provided several rows of clean and gentle waves. It was the ideal day for a mellow surf zone practice.

Paddling to the waves.

A gorgeous day on the ocean.

The best launch from Crescent City to the surf is from a small alcove behind the surf zone, and as we paddled closer to the breaking waves Michael and I gave some informal verbal instruction to those who had never been in the surf zone environment before.

A wave ready to ride.

The soup zone is a great place to build skills.

We spent the morning playing around in the clean, gentle waves (which I find is often way more fun than the violent stuff). Some surfed forward. Others surfed backward. Some bounced around in the soup, while others rode the long, clean set waves that appeared every few minutes. And the set waves were worth waiting for, as you’d get a very long ride.

More long, clean rides.

Dinner. Thanks Larry!

It was a wonderful day, which ended with tasty Mexican food with friends at the beach and fresh Dungeness Crab to take home.

While I was hosting this paddle, Mark was working hard on our 2013 schedule, which includes classes in lots of different places, a new DVD and the 2013 Storm Gathering. Stay tuned…

Photos by Michael Morris and Helen Wilson.


Earlier this year I was scrolling through a Yoga Journal and came across an ad for Yoga-Paws. I was immediately interested. Basically, Yoga-Paws are a yoga mat that you wear on your hands and feet, kind of like gloves and socks, and I’ve found them to be so wonderful that I thought that I should share with the outdoor community.


The concept seemed too good to be true, and I asked a Yogi friend if he’d heard of them. After he raved about how wonderful they are for several minutes, I ordered pairs for myself and Mark. We carefully measured our hands and feet to ensure that we ordered the right sizes.

No need for bunched up towels or ground coverings.

What intrigued me most is how portable they are. The four pieces come in a small mesh bag that can be tossed into a backpack, day hatch or travel bag… which is really important for someone who lives out of a travel bag for weeks at a time. If these things worked then there would be no more bunched up grass and sand covered travel towels, no more searching for a yoga mat to borrow and no more sliding around on wet grass or slippery surfaces.

Enjoying the freedom of being able to walk around my “outdoor studio.”

One yoga session made me realize that Yoga-Paws not only solved all of the problems mentioned above, but have other benefits as well. First, when I’m instructing I can walk around my “outdoor studio” and my mat stays with me. Second, when at home I find that Yoga-Paws work great with a standard yoga mat to prevent slipping during extra sweaty workouts. Third, the “hand mats” provide some wrist support, so poses like Crow are gentler on the body and easier to do. These things are fantastic!

Yoga-Paws also work great with a standard yoga mat for extra slip prevention.

Mark and I have now used them since the beginning of the summer, and I find that I’m liking them more and more. We’ve done yoga all over Europe and the U.S., next to Icebergs in Greenland, on wet grass, on grainy sand, on smooth rocks and in parking lots, all the time wearing this cool travel yoga mat. The only thing that the mat doesn’t provide,which I wish it did, is knee protection… but hey, I guess you can’t have everything.

I highly recommend this mat for traveling Yogis, Yogis who need a little extra slip prevention or those who like a little more wrist protection. Oh, one other thing, ours have gotten wet, sandy, muddy and even sappy… and the filth just falls off once they dry. Loving them!

For more information or to order Yoga-Paws, visit

Photos by Mark Tozer and Bryant Burkhardt.

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