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The making of a movie

The snow falling outside serves as a somewhat humorous reminder about how unusually wild the weather has been the past few weeks, which can make filming a DVD interesting at times. But besides from the challenge of rain, wind, snow and a blizzard or two, things went really well, and the camera work is now finished!

A wall display at Kayaks North West, the original home of Pyrahna and P&H Sea Kayaks

A wall display at Kayaks North West, the original home of Pyranha and P&H Kayaks.

Mark examines the original roto molding oven.

Mark examines the original roto molding oven.

Part of the collection.

Part of Graham Mackereth’s (owner of P&H) collection.

After picking filmmaker Bryant Burkhardt up from the airport. Mark, Bryant and I met up with Pyranha/P&H at Kayaks North West. We got a tour around, and were lucky enough to get to see P&H’s private collection, which includes everything from prototype whitewater kayaks, to baidarkas, to gorgeous wood strip canoes. After picking up a Cetus MV and a Delphin 155 for the DVD (thanks P&H!), we were on our way. Although the Anglesey Outdoor Centre served as our base, filming was done in various locations throughout England and North Wales.

Bryant sets up on a bridge to film rolling action below.

Bryant sets up on a bridge to film rolling action below.

A roadside stop, which included the throwing of a few snowballs.

A roadside stop, which included the throwing of a few snowballs.

A fantastic spot for yoga.

A fantastic spot to film a yoga sequence.

Bryant has now headed home and will begin work on editing hours and hours of footage of stunning scenery, rolling, kayaking, climbing, and the focus of the DVD… yoga. The DVD is planned to be released in late May or early June.

Bryant films Penrhyn Mawr from the cliffs above.

Bryant films Penrhyn Mawr from the cliffs above.

After dropping Bryant off at the airport, Mark and I stopped to play in the snow.

After dropping Bryant off at the airport, Mark and I stopped to play in the snow.

We also enjoyed a little geocashing.

We also enjoyed a little geocashing in an historic spot.



Rolling on Anglesey, no sun necessary

We’ve encountered all kinds of weather and all kinds of temperatures during our rolling classes. There’s no denying that a warm tropical beach can be a little more “comfortable” than cold wind and icy water, but what’s the fun in that?

Are kayaks really necessary?

Are kayaks really necessary?

Last weekend several brave souls came out to join Mark and I to experience the cold fingers, ice-cream headaches and crazy fun that only a winter weather rolling class can bring about. We spent the morning working on first rolls, cleaning up existing rolls and a tossed in a couple of new rolls for good measure.

Learning a Balance Brace.

Learning a Balance Brace.

Thanks to those who came out!

A happy roller.

A happy roller.

Mark and I will be running more classes on Anglesey on March 23 and 24. We’ve also got a Greenland Presentation coming up on March 23. For more information on the classes, click here. For more information on the presentation, click here.

Learning a Storm Roll.

Learning a Storm Roll.

Until then we’re working from sunrise to sunset with Bryant Burkhardt on our new DVD. More on that in the next blog… Until then, happy paddling!




Sea Kayak Georgia ACA Paddle Sports Week: September 10 to 15, Tybee Island, Georgia

Date: September 10 to 15

Location: Tybee Island, Georgia

Description: Attending a symposium is a great way to paddle with like minded folk, make new friends, expand your paddling skills and learn from a group of paddlers that don’t often get together. This event offers day long courses so that you may immerse yourself in the class.  Evening presentations allow everyone to get together and hear about wonderful trips and other training centers. Dinner meet ups give a much needed social element to relax and review the day among friends. In essence, the symposium is a social gathering with an educational outcome.

Contact: For more information, visit

South Greenland Expedition and The Greenland National Kayaking Championship: November 10, Eureka, California

Date: November 10

Location: Eureka, California

Description: In July 2014, Helen Wilson and Mark Tozer guided a 13 day sea kayaking expedition in South Greenland. This presentation will take you through their many adventures, which include paddling through massive iceberg fields, exploring abandoned settlements, visiting working villages, soaking in natural hot springs and visiting the Greenland National Kayaking Championship.

Contact: For more information, e-mail

Kayak Immersion Weekend: May 11 to 12, Dorset, England

Date: May 11 to 12

Location: Dorset, England

Accommodation: Swanage Coastal Park Campsite

Host: Paul Losse, Chiswick Pier Canoe Club

Description: Join Helen and Mark for a full weekend of Yoga for Paddlers, Simplifying the Roll, Fun, Balance and Games, Paddle Tricks, Simplifying the Rescue and Open Water Skills. This is ideal for anyone who is happy in dynamic waters but enjoys a progressive approach to skills development. There will also be a trip either within Poole Harbour or along the coast, depending on conditions.

Contact: For more information, course fees or to register, e-mail Paul Losse at

Greenland or Bust’s March newsletter:

G or B Newsletter - March - small

5 Star Sea Training including Open Water Navigation and Tidal Planning (ONTP): April 15 to 19, Anglesey, Wales

Dates: April 15 to 19

Location: Anglesey, North Wales

Description: This five-day training program, which includes the ONTP course, will cover the necessary elements of leadership, group safety and seamanship skills, as well as developing personal performance as set out in the BCU 5 Star Sea syllabus. This award is intended for paddlers who journey and lead others on the sea in areas where tidal races, headlands, open crossings, swell and challenging coastlines will be encountered. Completion of the training course will lead to a personalized action plan in preparation for the BCU 5 Star assessment.

Open Water Navigation and Tidal Planning – The aim of this one-day classroom based training programme is to give participants the necessary tools to plan and navigate effectively on open water journeys in advanced sea conditions. It is suitable for paddlers wishing to improve their seamanship knowledge and ocean awareness in order to undertake challenging journeys that may include islands over 2 nautical miles offshore in areas of strong tidal movement of 3+ knots and/or winds of up to force 5. This course is designed to compliment areas covered in the BCU 5 Star Sea Award training and is a prerequisite for the BCU 5 Star Sea Assessment.

The 5 Star Sea training program aims to cover the following:

Personal Paddling Skills

• Launching and landing
• Efficient forward paddling
• Effective maneuvering and boat control
• Navigation on the water and in poor visibility
• A range of self-rescues
• Rolling in rough water

Rescue Skills

• Application of appropriate rescue skills
• Different towing methods

Safety, Leadership and Group Skills

• Application of leadership principles
• Leadership strategies, judgement and decision making
• Safety awareness and risk management
• Group control and management tactics
• Paddler welfare and community building
• Incident management


• Equipment
• Safety (includes coastguard and rescue services)
• Weather
• Hypothermia/ First aid
• Access
• Planning
• Group awareness and management
• Navigation
• General (and historical)
• Leadership responsibilities
• Water features/hazards

Prerequisites: BCU 4 Star Award or the ‘old’ Level 3 Sea Award.

BCU Information: For syllabus details, visit the BCU website.

Contact: For more information, course fees or to register, e-mail

Greenland Presentation: March 23, Anglesey, Wales

Date: March 23

Location: Summit To Sea, Anglesey, Wales

Description: The Greenland National Kayaking Championship – A First Hand Account By Helen Wilson: Until recent years, kayaks and harpoons were used in the Arctic as a means of hunting and survival. Kayaking clubs were formed throughout Greenland, and once a year the clubs meet in alternating locations to compete for a week in traditional kayaking skills. These competitions began as a way to keep history alive and to teach younger generations the skills that their ancestors depended on. The competitions are a celebration and many people participate, from young children through the elderly. Helen has competed in the Championship twice and will share her experiences. Her presentation will also examine modern kayaking throughout the world and how ancient skills are becoming increasingly popular using both traditional and modern equipment.

Contact: For more information, contact Pete Baars at Summit To Sea –

Progressing the Roll: October 2, Portland, Oregon

Date: October 2

Location: Portland, Oregon

Description: This class caters to the paddler who is ready to move beyond the basics of rolling.  Learning new ways to challenge your roll is a great way to be sure it’s reliable when you really need it.  Topics that can be covered include layback paddle rolls, forward finish paddle rolls, norsaq rolls, hand rolls and beyond. The techniques examined can be used with any type of paddle and any type of kayak.

Contact: For more information, click HERE.
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