Dancing on the river and rolling in the lake

Last weekend Mark and I headed three hours east for some classes in the warm and sunny Redding area. This was my third year, and Mark’s second, running classes for Just Kayak More.

On Friday Mark taught a canoe class on the Sacramento River, which was a real treat for me, since it was only my third time in a canoe. We had a wonderful time working on strokes in a flat-water pool and then heading down the river to play in current. I absolutely loved the experience, and have been on the hunt for a canoe ever since we got home.

Mark teaching the finer points of paddling a canoe.

And Donna trying it out.

A little moving water.

On Saturday and Sunday we ran three rolling clinics and a private skills class. It was wonderful to see how far people have come since last year, as well as to meet some new and enthusiastic paddlers. The sun shone the whole weekend, and the “somewhat” warm lake felt wonderful to play in.

Learning to roll.

A happy roller.

Thanks to Just Kayak More, and especially Jason and Kasumi for putting the weekend together. See you in October for the Kayak Immersion Weekend!

Thanks everyone!

Pictures by Mark Tozer, Helen Wilson and Jason and Kasumi Montelongo.

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