Explore North Coast’s 2012 Sea Kayaking Social

May 3 to 6 was Explore North Coast‘s Annual Sea Kayaking Social. The purpose of this event is to bring California kayakers together for a four-day weekend of paddling in the Club’s local Humboldt and Del Norte County waters. The weekend is free and informal, and most of the organization is handled by one person, Mike Dedman.

The event is always a fun one, with lots of activities to choose from each day. These activities range from protected paddles to ocean paddles. The ocean paddles are further separated into groups of open ocean or rock hopping and surf zone play.

Due to a rigorous yoga teacher training schedule that weekend, I was unable to participate in most of the activities, although Mark was there for just about all of them and let me know that fun was had throughout the entire event.

The weekend began with a leisurely paddle at Stone Lagoon. This gentle paddle led participants to a sand spit that separates the glassy lagoon from the wild Pacific Ocean. Drinks and food were shared on the spit before participants casually made their way back across the lagoon to the parking lot.

Tom paddling on a foggy Stone Lagoon.

A great evening for a paddle.

Throughout the weekend there were two paddles at Trinidad and a field trip up north to Crescent City in Del Norte County. Here participants were given the option of a surf play day or a windy paddle around Castle Rock. Others opted to stay in Humboldt for a leisurely paddle down Mad River Slough. Friday evening brought about a fun and lively potluck, and Saturday evening tired participants met at the Seascape restaurant in Trinidad for some tasty seafood.

Karen, Michael, Shawna and Mary relax after an epic journey around Castle Rock.

Rock garden play in Crescent City.

Mark and Charlotte enjoying the sun.

All in all the weekend was a great success. Thanks to Mike Dedman for putting it together, and for the many paddlers who came to visit. We hope to see you all again here next year!

Paddlers gather in Trinidad.

A large group and a gorgeous day.

Playing in the rocks.

Local paddler Larry plays just north of Trinidad State Beach.

The view from above.

Pictures by Mark and Helen.

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