Forward Finishing Rolls

Question: I have a Current Designs Solstice GT, with what I would consider a high back deck that does not lend itself to a standard lay-back finishing Greenland roll. What roll would work so that I don’t have to finish laying back? Obviously I’m talking about a forward finishing roll, but which would be the most reliable, easiest to do?

Answer: The Current Designs Solstice GT should be fine for the Standard Greenland Roll. Next time you’re in that kayak, let your head hang back so that your chin is in the air. Allow your back to arch naturally, and relax to the point where your body settles as if you were asleep. If your forehead is on the back deck, then great! If not, but you’re relaxed, then that is great too. Remember that you don’t have to finish the roll touching the kayak, you only need to finish it in a relaxed position.

That said, if you want to start playing around with forward finish rolls, I’d suggest the Storm Roll as your first. It’s the most common forward finish Greenland Roll, and I think that it’s the easiest. If you have my DVD, there are directions on that roll in the bonus section.

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