Giant Salt Water Crocodiles Invade Bay Area – by Moulton Avery

Published with the author’s permission. Thank you Moulton for getting the word out. – HW

7 Responses to “Giant Salt Water Crocodiles Invade Bay Area – by Moulton Avery”

  • Jim Kakuk says:

    Great reporting Moulton, Good to see the folks back home in the Bay Area are getting a little of the Aussie spirit. But forget the salties, so far my biggest concern while touring Downunder has been that lingering menace of the loo – the dreaded “toilet spider”!
    I will be reporting on this when I return in May, if I make it back. Kuk.

  • Fat Paddler says:

    Seriously, the sharks Down Under are starting to learn how to beat the low brace defense, we’ll need to come up with something else. I’m not convinced the WPD is the right replacement though!

  • Bigyahu says:

    FP is right, those sharks and crocs are getting smarter. These days they use the end of the rudder to figure out which way you’re facing so they can approach from behind. But great whites and salties are both commonly found in close to shore. So as long as you avoid getting into or out of the water, you should be fine. If you’re reading this now out to sea, well, there’s no record of fatal attacks anywhere in the Polynesian islands…

  • Moulton Avery says:

    Jim – Thanks for the nice remarks. Toilet spiders? Are they headed for the Bay Area too? I’ve got to get on top of this. So many denizens, so little time…

    FatPaddler – WPD isn’t a replacement for the low brace, it’s, well, a separate reality unto itself. Croc-Spotter + WPD = Iron-Klad Protection – that’s the beauty of the GGSKS System. PS: The WPD has never failed, and anyway, even if it has, nobody ever reported it…

    Still, there’s no question as to which country in the down-under hemisphere has the experience, resourcefulness and creativity to build a better defensive system, if indeed, such a thing is possible.

  • Moulton Avery says:

    Bigyahu – You’re absolutely right about the toothsome creatures getting smarter. I was worried that was going to be a growing problem when DNR spokesperson Nancy Flinders talked about the speed with which Salties figured out how to game the Yak-Baiting system at Stinson Beach. But even in my wildest dreams,I never thought we’d see the day when they would connect rudders with a sea kayaker’s biggest blind spot. That’s ominous.

    I’m doing an in-depth investigation of the Humboldt Squid situation. They’re nowhere near as large as Salties or Great Whites, but they prefer to attack in predatory “swarms” that can number in the hundreds – maybe even in the thousands! Their “beaks” are as big as a very large parrot’s, and razor sharp from what I hear…

  • Francesco says:

    The Boat-Within-A-Boat system is mine, not from Gregg Witherspoon!
    Have a look at

  • Moulton Avery says:

    You are soooo right Francesco! I’m going to give that Witherspoon fellow a piece of whatever mind I have left. He must have been wearing some kind of a mask – he looks just like you!

    That’s a really wonderful photo. Don’t have any idea how I came up with BWAB, but without your priceless gem of a picture, it never would have happened. So you can truly say that you, not the slick-talking pretender Witherspoon, are the True Father of BWAB. I like it: “Francesco’s BWAB”. When I get around to Version 1.00.2, we’ll just have to tell the sad truth – he stole it from you, but you’re expected to prevail in court… or maybe he’s your North American distributor…

    Beers are on me if we ever cross paths – which, by the way, I think would be a lot of fun.

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