Greenland Weekend: November 2 to 3, Devon, England

Date: November 2 to 3

Location: Devon, England

Description: This weekend offers the opportunity to learn a range of Greenland rolling skills and paddling strokes as well as be immersed in the culture of Greenland. It is a chance to find out about Avataqs, Akuilisaqs and Norsat, as well as get to know the difference between a Tuilik and a Tupilaq.

Contact: For more information, course fees or to register, e-mail

2 Responses to “Greenland Weekend: November 2 to 3, Devon, England”

  • Kevin Brazel says:

    Hi could you give me some details of this course please, fees etc and whether Greenland paddles are supplied or if we have to own/ bring our own. Also is this course similar to the ‘simplifying the tool course’ you are holding in Anglesey on 30 November. I live in S. Wales so wondering which would be better for me. I have a roll, not exactly bombproof, but would love to use Greenland paddles and learn their techniques( don’t own one at the moment though.
    Many thanks
    Kevin Brazel

  • Kevin Brazel says:

    Sorry should read ‘simplifying the roll course’ in Anglesey on 30 November.
    Kevin Brazel

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