Posture and Efficiency

Question: When I’m forward paddling I have a tendency to slump, and I suspect this makes me much less efficient. I have your excellent DVD, and would be glad to know what yoga exercises would help me tackle this problem.

Answer: Posture is definitely important when kayaking. With good posture you’ll find that the power comes from your core, which will make your strokes stronger and more efficient.

Try the following:

– Place the crease below the palm of your hand on your natural hairline with your fingers pointing toward the top of your head. Wherever your middle finger naturally falls is the crown of your head.

– Now think about a string pulling up from the crown of your head. You’ll notice that your spine straightens.

– Now think about a second string on your tailbone pulling straight down into the earth. You should now notice that your spine is long and straight, and your chest is open.

– When paddling, try to maintain this posture, paying close attention to the crown of your head, your tailbone and your chest.

It might feel awkward at first, but with time it’ll help you develop better posture both in your kayak and on land.

– Helen


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