Progression from the Continuous Storm Roll to the Storm Roll

Question: My Continuous Storm Roll feels strong, and I’ve been doing it for a month now without a paddlefloat. What can I do to succeed with the full Storm Roll?

Answer: When doing the Continuous Storm Roll, first, make sure that your paddle doesn’t leave the kayak. Once you’ve got that, you can think of the Storm Roll as having three pieces:

Come Up

The Sweep is basically just to position the paddle. You shouldn’t do anything with your legs during the Sweep, which will keep the kayak upside down. The Sweep should put your paddle in the position to do a Continuous Storm Roll. Make sure that your left hand (assuming you’re doing a right side recovery) stays in contact with the kayak.

The Stop is to make sure everything is in place. Make sure your paddle is as close to the surface as possible and perpendicular to the kayak.

The Come Up is essentially exactly what you’ve been doing when you do the Continuous Storm Roll. – Helen


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