Rolling While in Motion

Question: I practiced rolling for about 45 minutes today. I did okay rolling from a standstill, but at the end of my practice I tried paddling fast then falling over and I got all messed up trying to get in position and ended up wet exiting. Any advice about how to roll when on the move?

Answer: The main thing to remember when you capsize while moving is to tuck. Tuck forward and hang out for a few seconds. Hold your combing so that you can orient your position and try spelling something before you even attempt to set-up. My friend once told me that he spells “R-E-L-A-X,” before he attempts to roll up. I spell “P-A-N-I-C,” because it has the same amount of letters but it’s funnier. Remember that often taking your time with the set-up will actually get you on the surface and breathing sooner, because your chances of success on the first try are much higher if you really pay attention to what you’re doing. Make sure you curl up to the surface into your set-up position, and check all the variables before starting the roll. Chances are that you’ll be stationary (it’s difficult, if not impossible, to keep moving underwater with the weight of your body hanging under your kayak). Good luck.

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