Set-Up Position

Question: Someone on your website asked about rolling when in motion. I have a question about this part of your answer, “Make sure you curl up to the surface into your set-up position, and check all the variables before starting the roll.” Are you saying that parts of your torso should be above the waterline, or do you mean that you are moving toward the surface, but most of you (except for perhaps the paddle and parts of your fists), are still beneath the surface?

Answer: Your underwater set-up position is a tucked forward position. While hanging upside down, reach your paddle up to the surface on the side of the kayak that you’ll be rolling up on. Your paddle should be parallel to the kayak and very close to it. Your paddle and hands should be on the surface or above it with your palms facing up. Your body should be curled forward so that your paddle is directly above your chest, with your shoulders square to the surface of the water.
Once you are in this set-up position, you can begin the sweep. During the sweep is when your body will unfold, moving from a tucked forward position to an arched back position, which will allow you to slide onto the back deck. During the sweep is also when you should lift your chin and place your eyebrows underwater.

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