Shoulder Position during the Storm Roll

Question: I have a question about the Storm Roll. While I am in the water I have the paddle in both hands and my right knee is up. What should I do with the right shoulder in relation to the right knee?

Answer: When you square your shoulders, you want to essentially think about the position that you’re in when you float on your stomach. If you float on your stomach in a swimming pool, then your shoulders are parallel to the ground. This is the position that you want to get your shoulders in when doing the Storm Roll. When your shoulders are squared this way, you’re using the surface area of your torso as leverage to recover from the roll.

By lifting your knee, you are righting the kayak. So if your shoulders are in the correct position, your knee rights the kayak while your torso acts as a lever.

Try not to over think the paddle. Remember, the paddle doesn’t actually move during the recovery.

Remember the three steps to the Storm Roll:

Sweep (this puts the paddle in place)

Stop (this is when you can check to make sure that your paddle is in the correct position)

Come Up (this is when you engage your knee – remember to square your shoulders as you’re coming up)

– Helen

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