Sprayskirts for Ocean Cockpits

Question: I’m using a Tahe Greenland for rolling and daytrips along the Baltic and North seas. For rolling I use a Brooks tuiliq. I think that I can wear it also above my drysuit. But for the daytrips I have when there are just small waves, I get a lot of water in the cockpit. So I’m looking for a new sprayskirt, and I hope that you can recommend one for the Greenland with the LC cockpit.

Answer: The Brooks tuiliq is wonderful for rolling, and we wear ours over our drysuits all the time. For paddling however, sprayskirts are often more comfortable. We use the ones made by Snapdragon, and prefer the all neoprene ones. You’ll need to get the cockpit size xxs, and the tube size will depend on your size.


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