After a weekend of instruction in the Netherlands, we traveled to Billdal, Sweden and met up with locals Mikael and Jessica. We had previously met Mikael at The Storm Gathering in Anglesey last year, and it was wonderful to see him again and to meet Jessica. It wasn’t long before all of us were laughing together and planning activities for the two days that we’d be spending with them.

First, Mikael helped us to get our fantastic van, provided by Tahe Marine, that we’ll be traveling around in during the tour. After that we hopped on his boat for a ride to Donso, a charming island with fantastic shrimp sandwiches. Later that day Jessica took me horseback riding, and we had a wonderful time exploring the hills with the horses.

Mark and Mikael navigate through the archipelago.

Jessica gets the horses ready.

The following day we all went paddling, joined by Mikael and Jessica’s friend Johan. We paddled around several islands and got a feel for how gorgeous Sweden’s archipelago is. The day ended with some informal rolling instruction before we met up with Per, the organizer of the classes in Goteborg.

Exploring the archipelago.

A wonderful day on the water.

A little informal rolling instruction.

Goteborg is one of the largest ports in Europe and has several marinas. We stayed at a yacht which was housed at one of them. During our time there we instructed yoga, rolling and strokes. We also had some time to paddle around and get a feel for how active and beautiful the area is.

Yoga for paddlers.

Mark instructs in strokes and maneuvering.

A windy paddle back to the launch.

After two days of working in Goteborg, we made our way to the Kajakcenter in Grebbestad. This was my third time instructing there, and every year it is wonderful. Grebbestad is a small fishing town and a popular vacation destination. It has a lively night scene in its restaurants and bars and is a very inviting and fun place with its colorful harbor, easy to climb hillsides and stunning scenery.

A gorgeous day in Grebbestad.

A couple of happy (and dry) "Kokatat girls."

A happy roller.

A view of Grebbestad from a rocky hillside.

Some very tasty local food.

Now we’re on our way to Stockholm for a week of instruction at Green Island. Stay tuned.

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