Traditional Paddling and Rolling: November 7, Horseshoe Cove, California

Date: November 7

Location: Horseshoe Cove, California

Description: Modern sea kayaking has its roots firmly based in the traditions of Greenland qajaqing. The Inuit have used ‘qajaqs’ as a means of hunting and fishing for centuries. Rolling a kayak was considered an essential self-rescue skill that was learned and practiced on a regular basis.

This day offers the opportunity to learn Greenland rolling skills and paddling strokes, as well as be immersed in the culture of Greenland. It is a chance to find out about Avataqs, Akuilisaqs and Norsat, as well as get to know the difference between a Tuilik and a Tupilaq.

Equipment: Dress for immersion. No need to be a Greenland-style kayaker, but there will be paddles available for participants to try if they wish.

Booking: For more information or to register, contact

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